A whole new approach to your financial life.


Feel better about your finances.

Introducing Cinch, the first truly unbiased financial advisor built to take the stress, confusion and complexity out of personal finances. Cinch works for you, not banks or financial institutions, and uses advanced technology like artificial intelligence and behavioral economics to optimize your financial life, and help you make better, smarter decisions every time. To learn more about how our mission affects you, read more.

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noun. | An individual with an obligation to act for another’s benefit, in whom another has placed the utmost trust and confidence to manage and protect property or money.

What are you up against?

The amount spent by financial companies and "free" financial sites and apps to advertise products to you

Source: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

About us

Built around what’s best for you.

Cinch looks at your entire financial situation, then out of the millions of possible products and strategies available, recommends the best ones for your financial fitness. We put you in control and save you money on all things money-related – from banking and credit card debt to mortgages and even your cell phone plan.

Completely unbiased. Always.

Cinch’s fiduciary promise to do right by you means you can trust that your info will stay private, our recommendations will always be unbiased, and your financial wellbeing will be at the heart of everything we do.

Artificial intelligence and real smarts.

Cinch’s advanced, always-on technology keeps an eye on your situation to anticipate and respond to what’s really happening in your financial life. We introduce new or better products and personal strategies when appropriate, and guide you through big and small financial decisions in realistic, achievable ways.

Cinch for you

We’ll prove our value with a free trial, then charge a small monthly fee to optimize and continuously manage your finances with zero bias, ads, sponsored clicks, or noise.

Cinch at work

Tell us where you work and we’ll let you know if Cinch is available as a free financial wellness service through your employer.

The “Get To True” Promise

We’re data scientists, designers, engineers and financial experts with one common purpose: get to true. To us, that means stripping away clutter, complexity and shady tactics to make it easy for real people to level the playing field, improve their lives, and make the best possible financial decisions.