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The earliest users will be able to use Cinch for free, forever, and avoid the monthly fee.


Cinch is raise-your-right-hand obligated to provide you with the knowledge, guidance and wherewithal for you to make the right financial decisions.


 fi · du · ci · ar · y 

noun. | An individual with an obligation to act for another’s benefit, in whom another has placed the utmost trust and confidence to manage and protect property or money.

So how on earth do we make money?

Cinch is ad free and noise free. We don’t play the sponsored clicks game and never will. We have zero biases. Zero. We’re not at all influenced by the companies and services we put forward. We’ll prove our value with a free trial and then charge a small monthly fee.

What you pay us will be a whole lot less than what we’ll save you.

The “Get to True” Promise

We’re data scientists, designers, engineers and financial experts with one common purpose: get to true. To us, that means stripping away clutter, complexity and shady tactics to make it as easy as possible for real people to level the playing field, improve their lives, and make the best possible financial decisions.