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We’ll give you exactly what you need to understand your situation and take action as your ever-loyal advisor.


We look at your whole financial life. Because you don’t have a financial half-life. Banking, insurance, debt, even spending. Everything has to be in sync to work right.


We answer to nobody but you. We can’t be paid by banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, anyone. Your best outcome is our only goal.


We monitor everything 24/7 to because we have your back. Something happens? We’re there. Something better comes up? Got it. You’re covered.


An important word. A legal word. This is our raise-your-right-hand obligation to only do what’s right for you.

How do we make money?

Don’t be the product

If you’re using a free financial app, YOU are the product being sold. Your super-private information is being used against you. Credit cards, bank accounts, loans, insurance, heck — even bankruptcy attorneys — all using your info to send you ads for products you likely don’t need.


We’re different. We have zero ads, we won’t sell your data, and we don’t receive kickbacks from the products we recommend. We provide you with a 90-day free trial before charging a $4.99 monthly fee (or free — see below). We’ll be saving you a lot more than you’ll be paying us. Completely bias-free and expert.

Cinch for free

We want to make sure everyone has the chance to use Cinch. That’s why great companies who care about you pay for Cinch on your behalf.


Cinch for you. Direct from us.


Cinch for your peeps. Employee benefits providers, 401K companies, and forward-thinking employers who know the time has come for real help.

What people are saying

My initial reaction was: ‘Man, I need this in my life!‘
Male (age 27-34)
I like how it acts like a personal financial advisor. It allows you one less thing to worry about, and takes the stress of managing your money out of your hands.
Male (age 27-34)
I like that Cinch is actually different. I love that you don't take money from vendors.
It makes so much sense that it's almost hard to believe something like this isn't already out on the open market.
Female (age 27- 34)