Our Story

We created Cinch for one reason: to democratize financial intelligence. We believe that super-intelligent software, acting only in the service of you and your needs, can fix the current imbalance and asymmetry between you, your financial life, and the financial industry. We believe this is the gateway to true financial independence and health. We believe the current system is completely broken and dysfunctional. And we believe that Team Cinch is morally obligated to fix this for you. This is why we exist.

Our Team

We’ve been asked many times “why hasn’t anyone done this before?” The answer is two fold. First it is incredibly hard technically to build a personal CFO and fiduciary. Second, free apps and lead generation sites are incredibly easy to build and pay easy money since they’re simply ad servers. So no one’s ever tried. Creating our platform has required us to build an extraordinary team of “smart creatives” —machine intelligence and AI experts, data scientists, UX/design leaders, statisticians, economists, senior engineers, financial modelers, domain experts—all working collaboratively. While the disciplines are diverse, we work as one team to deliver on our fiduciary promise to you.

Why Boston?

Cinch Financial is a Boston company and always will be. There are both practical and foundational reasons for this. The practical ones are clear—at our core we are a financial science and engineering company, and Boston is very deep in these disciplines, supported by the world’s highest concentration of universities and research institutes focused on finance, econometrics, AI, and behavioral science.

The other reasons we’re in Boston are more esoteric. The democratization of finance started here with the innovation of the first open-ended mutual fund in 1924, which effectively broke the Wall Street cartels. The fiduciary rule was created in Boston in 1830, stemming from a court case involving Harvard College and its trustees’ obligations. Even further back, Boston has long stood for revolution and the rejection of baseless authority, something the financial world needs badly. Just a block away from Cinch lies the Granary Burying Ground, with the weathered gravestones of Paul Revere, Crispus Attucks, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and other revolutionaries. A block in the other direction you’ll find the Old State House and its second floor balcony from which the Declaration of Independence was announced. You don’t need many more reminders to question authority in all its forms. Finally, while Massachusetts is a state, its formal title is Commonwealth, a profound term with great meaning to us. Every company is a product of its place, and Cinch is no exception.


24 School St. Boston, MA 02108