February 17, 2017 — Long Week, Long Weekend

This is the first of what I hope will be consistent, brief, and interesting updates to those of you wanting to know what’s happening at Cinch.  Some of you might be interested in our product, others with the goings-on at a purpose-driven tech startup, and even others with some of the inside scoop on how Cinch is being built as a “full stack” startup.  Whatever your interest I will be as transparent and candid as I can, and keep each piece readable in a few minutes from your phone.

This past week felt like a long one work-wise, and was thankfully ended with a long weekend ahead.  We do Friday demos from all and any parts of the 35-person team at Cinch.  Today’s was a really fun one all about our upcoming plans to introduce the company to the Boston tech scene in a useful and hopefully helpful way.  We are sort of a weird startup in that we didn’t have to jump up and down to secure our first big round of funding.   We were able to convince a single crazy investor to fund the initial development of this comprehensive fiduciary platform in a single shot.  Our argument was that it just isn’t possible to do this in bits and pieces since everything in your financial life ties together.  So the platform has to be built that way from day one (otherwise, it would be like a company only paying attention to your car insurance but pretending your crippling student loans don’t exist — not helpful).

Katie Creegan, a two-weeks’- tenure new member of Team Cinch as our senior technical recruiter and ambassador, put together some great ideas about how we plan to reach out to the Boston financial, technical, and fintech scene.  Our view of this is that Boston will be (and should be) the center of financial technology, and we want Cinch to be the center of that push. For those of you in and around Boston, we hope that you will join us for one of these fun events.  We’re not in the business of being overly self-promotional — we want them to be helpful and interesting.  An example is hosting an open house to focus on women in technology, particularly in the financial arena, since the great majority of our GDP is essentially driven by women as the financial heads of their household.  So please stay tuned to see what Katie, a well-known and high energy talent acquisition expert, will pull together in the upcoming months.

In addition to Katie, we’ve had two other folks start in the past couple of weeks.

Sarah Bither, the newest member of our Get to True team joined us from a job at Wellington.  She’s focusing on Cinch’s universal product inventory in partnership with Monica Wolf, an early hire here at Cinch, and Ben Katz, our CTO.  When you see that universal inventory in action — something that’s taken two years to build — you will see this team’s great work.

Also joining us as Senior Developer is Mike Ramnarine, who joins us from his own independent software consultancy, and prior to that, several well-known software companies in the Boston area.  He joins a very seasoned and senior enterprise software team building our unique intelligence platform, and one of his first projects will focus with Sarah and others on the inventory system.  Mike and I share three things — we are from California originally, we worked for large companies (at the time) that are now largely gone from the landscape, and we both share a deep interest in the behavioral aspects of economic decision-making.

To wrap up, we made huge progress this week on both key parts of our user experience, as well as a big release in March going into beta.  Will give an update on both next week and enjoy the long weekend!


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