Friends of Cinch: Introducing Jules from JulesJetSets

Do you want to improve your fiscal well-being? Okay, so that’s a bit of an oratorical question. Whether you are great with money or not so great with money, I’m sure you quietly cheered “yes, of course” to yourself! I know I did when I was first posed with this question.

A few years ago, I would’ve liked to think that I had been great with money. Though, I’ve faced the harsh reality of having to pass on the occasional vacation or night out with friends. With school debt hovering over, fiscal improvement can sometimes feel daunting.

Cinch has eased this burden by providing me with a personal finance improvement plan. They have implemented a strategy to improve my credit score as well as an intricate approach to save money each month. I’m very enthusiastic about my partnership with Cinch! I look forward to seeing where my new found financial mindfulness will take me. I still have so much of Los Angeles I want to experience and now I know I won’t be held back! My goal is to cultivate an improved financial awareness and discipline.  Hopefully while sharing my journey with Cinch, I’ll inspire others to do the same!

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