JulesJetsets: Exploring Different Neighborhoods in LA

This was that perfect kind of morning where I could allow myself to gradually peel the covers off and even throw in a 25- minute meditation. I love slow mornings; a huge disparity in what normally feels good since I tend to have FOMO – but I truly believe slower pace mornings set a refreshing tone for the day ahead.

Even more than slow mornings, I love when I can devote an entire day to exploring a new neighborhood. The combination of both is euphoric! I feel like too often we are reminded of life’s burdens and overlook some of its simplest enjoyments.

I’m always on the hunt for the NEW best coffee latte. I found one of my new favorite spots right here in Burbank on Magnolia Blvd. – Cafecito! The jamocha of choice today was a Horchata latte. This has become one of my new obsessions since moving to California! I have no idea how I’ve managed to get by these last 27 years having near tried it before.

I’ve designated an entire personal budget towards entertainment and dining out because for me, I equate overall happiness with experiences. As I like to say, it turns my bliss mode all the way up! I’d much rather take 2 hours out of my day to lounge around a café or restaurant than buy the latest shoe pompom trend. Slow morning, exploration, horchata latte, repeat!

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