March 3, 2017 — Demo, Demo, Demo

Today, and most Friday afternoons, we have an all-hands meeting we call an FYI.  The meeting focuses on a demo from a team, or several teams, here at Cinch.  “Demo” is loosely applied of course.  On days with big software release, like today, there’s a backstory given on the release, surprises the team learned along the way and how we dealt with those, and a live demo of the components, or set of components, that have been built.  Other days it might be a demo on our efforts to establish our profile in the Boston tech scene in an effort to add depth, diversity, and purpose.  Or it might be an update on the latest UX design, or where things are going in the pre-launch planning.  Or how we’re thinking about deepening our benefits.  You get the picture.  Demo.

What I love about the demo-focused approach is that we focus on the folks doing the work and their creativity in how they approach it.  When you know you have to stand-and-deliver your work product in front of your highly supportive and interested peers, you’ll really focus on a novel and interesting approach, or something that simply works great.  It’s all about the product of the effort, how you got there, and its impact.  That’s what we’re all about in everything we do.  So it is sort of ingrained in a great way in the Friday FYI.

So in today’s FYI, which wrapped up a few hours ago, we had a demo of a significant release that really marks a milestone.   It comprised two sprints of work which were planned in early January that required careful coordination of both the dev and GTT teams.  In other posts I have talked about the complexity of the system we’re building — really the intelligence layer capable of delivering comprehensive, autonomous personal financial management as a fiduciary — a vision which combines multiple financial domains and bridges both behavioral and traditional economics, data science, econometrics, inventory discovery and management, and hard core finance, all housed within a secure and stable enterprise software platform.  You could imagine the folks involved in bringing that to life.

Today’s demo showcased a big leap forward in making that happen.   Asked about what was different about these two sprints vs. prior ones, our VP of engineering, Marty Frenzel, summed it up perfectly by saying these sprints really saw the extremely close collaboration between the dev and GTT teams operating as a single unit.  Those teams span multiple disciplines and work methods, and crafting an effective system of cross-discipline collaboration was thrilling to watch.  It’s so exciting to see great people doing such great work for such a great purpose.  It’s so rare you get that trifecta — in fact I’ve never had that happen in a career longer than I’d care to admit.  

So a huge ovation for those teams and the great product they’re creating.


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