Introducing Cinch

We believe there is too much financial uncertainty in the world. We’re here to help erase it. Not at a macro level, but in a much more personal way. Because we all have our own distinctive economies, and wouldn’t it be great if each one could run more confidently. That’s why we’ve created an honestly better and easier approach to managing your financial life. Which means a better approach to life in general, for the two are undeniably connected.

This is usually the point where eyebrows are raised and eyeballs rolled. Haven’t we all heard this before? Yes. And no. The difference is that we can actually – and actionably – deliver. You see, “honestly” is not a word taken lightly here. We are morally and technologically  obligated to provide impartial recommendations and solutions, no matter how big or small a financial impact they may have. We’re able to do this by not accepting advertising or showing favoritism. Our commitment is only to the person who has entrusted us to help her or him make the most sensible decisions.

We are not paid by the companies, services or products we put forward. We’ll gladly accept a thank you from them, but even that doesn’t drive us. People do. People who are pressed for time, flooded with choice and don’t always feel sufficiently equipped to know what’s in their own best interest. So here we are. To equip, guide, to sort out and sort through. And do so in a thoroughly 21st Century manner: quickly, conveniently, smartly – and believe it or not – enjoyably.

We are Cinch.

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